BLAKE Announce 10th Anniversary Album via Pre-Order on PledgeMusic

Celebrating 10 years of singing, touring and recording together, BLAKE have announced a major 10 year anniversary album, available to pre-order on PledgeMusic now. Returning to their classical-crossover roots for this special CD, fans can expect lush vocals, full orchestra, big band & choirs, plus special guests!

To make this record, we sincerely need all our amazing fans around the world behind us, pre-ordering the album, special gifts & unique VIP experiences direct from PledgeMusic (click here to visit). Every item you pledge for, directly funds making this special album. Once we hit 100% of the target on our PledgeMusic page, we’re able to begin recording & fulfilling all your special pledges.

This album will be over two thirds classical repertoire, so we will be aiming it at the UK Classical Album Chart. With all your help, we are hoping for a 3rd success at the No.1 spot! How fantastic would it be, if the album you supported, that your name was inside, that you watched being recorded, became another genuine No.1 for BLAKE? We know we can achieve that together, it’s all possible with PledgeMusic.

If you’ve watched BLAKE in concert, or have one of our 6 other albums, we guarantee you will love this new album. So, enjoy our introduction video, look through our pledge gifts & help in any way you can.

With your support, we will make this the best album of our ten years together.

Stephen, Ollie & Humphrey.




  1. Rachel sergeant said:

    Saturday, 1st April 2017, 11:24 pm (GMT)

    Omg this is amazing really is a goo start for us 4 am right there is really good