Unique VIP gifts from BLAKE to you, only via PledgeMusic.com

Celebrating the upcoming launch of Blake’s new album ‘Start Over’, we have teamed up with PledgeMusic to give you some unique VIP gifts & experiences! Want a signed ‘Start Over’ album, 2013 calendar & exclusive photos? How about your own name printed inside the new CD? Maybe a 1 hour singing lesson with Blake?!…

There are 10 unique gifts, all available worldwide (Blake special VIP one-on-one experiences available in London/UK only)

Just click this link to see whats available:


Here youʼll find out how you can get involved with our new album. Weʼre offering you the chance to get involved in a new and exciting way, not only giving you unique exclusive gift to choose from, but keeping you involved with everything we do on the new album.

PledgeMusic offers music fans the opportunity to interact with their favourite bands, bridging the gap between us and helping you know that you are part of the family.

By pledging for VIP experiences, exclusive items, signed artwork, signed CDs and much more, youʼll be helping us release our album in a much bigger way; every penny goes to the album. Everyoneʼs a winner!

Keep an eye on the campaign target, once the full 100% is reached, everyone will receive their gifts and experiences! We HAVE to reach the full 100% target, so please get all your friends involved too!

By pledging for any of these exclusive items or incentives, youʼll automatically receive a digital download of the album 7 days before it’s available anywhere else in the world! Enjoy the songs before everyone else!

Youʼll also gain access to the FREE Pledger-exclusive backstage/fansite area where weʼll upload live tracks, video diaries and rough mixes from the album. Weʼll keep you up to date as best we can, so you can map the progress of the album from start to finish. Weʼve got some great songs lined up for the album and weʼre so excited about bringing them to you very soon.

Weʼre really keen to thank you all for being such incredible fans over the past six years and this is a really exciting way for us to reach out to you, bringing you closer to us. Youʼll be receiving our music direct from us, plus loads of fun stuff that wonʼt be available elsewhere.

A percentage of the above-target proceeds will be donated to Variety, the children’s charity, to help them continue the incredible work they do, increasing positive experiences for children and young people throughout the UK who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.

So, you know what to do. Donʼt miss out on these limited goodies. Get involved and become part of our new album.

Thanks very much, see you soon.
Jules, Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie
Blake x


  1. Shirley Collier said:

    Monday, 15th October 2012, 11:18 pm (GMT)

    I went to see the boys at Salisbury and Frome this year. What a fabulous evening! The cover of ‘She’ is the best I have ever heard and I remember the original.I also love ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ in fact it’s hard to choose. Please don’t stray too far away from your choral roots will you as it’s those roots that give you your wonderful harmonies. Hope you will be touring again in the not too distant future as I will be there if at all possible! I am so looking forward to your new album and wish you all every success in 2013. Very best wishes to you all. Shirley from Malmesbury.

  2. Nicki said:

    Tuesday, 16th October 2012, 3:51 pm (GMT)

    I saw the boys perform at The Embassy Theatre in Skegness in early October this year. Have to be honest and say that id never heard of them and won these tickets in a MacMillan Charity coffee morning, boy was i glad id won them!!!! The boys were simply amazing and then they signed programmes and CDs at the end in the foyer which was equally fantastic, have now just pledged for my signed CD, cant wait for release date. Hope you tour again soon and come back to good old Skeggy!! I will definately be there, front row this time though, Best of Luck for 2013 boys, health & happiness to you xxxx

  3. Cheryl Buhler said:

    Wednesday, 17th October 2012, 10:06 am (GMT)

    im so excited and pleased for you.Cant wait to recieve my copy.We are so excited to welcome you the USA when you come <3
    Cheryl from Massachusetts USA .<3