BLAKE appear on Fox USA & sing in front the White House

BLAKE have sung impromptu ‘acapela’ in some pretty amazing places, on top of ┬áthe Great Wall of China, the ballroom of Buckingham Palace, at 38,000 feet in the air, but it had always been a dream to try one at The White House. Hoping that President Obama wouldn’t tell them off for making noise…Thankfully the only thing Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie had to worry about, was a very big crowd of inquisitive tourists who started taking pictures and recording the performance on their phones. Did the President listen in for a while? We’ll probably never know…



Blake chose to sing ‘Dream a Little Dream for Me’ as they felt it might be a nice relaxing song for a President with lots on his mind. After the impromptu appearance in front the White House, the group headed off to Fox News studios for a live appearance on their Sunday show. Earlier on their trip to Washington, the three harmony singers gave a special gala performance to raise funds for the Children’s National Medical Centre, hosted by Fox News anchor Brett Baier, a friend and great supporter of the band.

The band have so far visited the USA on a 5 occasions and look forward to returning for more concerts and tv appearances in the near future.